I help ambitious photographers build a highly profitable business by creating a sales & marketing engine and completely rewiring their subconscious programming’


I help ambitious photographers

build a highly profitable business by creating a sales & marketing engine and completely rewiring their subconscious programming’



Johl’s Story

These pictures captures the reason I coach photographers, I live a life where I get to spend time with my family, enjoy & create the lifestyle and business of my dreams and in turn do exactly the same for the clients I coach.

I run a successful portrait photography studio as well as coaching other photographers to do the same splitting my time between the two businesses, this is a big advantage as I don’t teach theory, I teach proven results from real world experience coupled with my passion & expertise in rewiring my clients mindset.

A few interesting facts about me

  • I started my photography business at 22yrs old

  • I have a beautiful wife & 3 amazing kids
  • I struggled in my business for years
  • I battled with high stress & anxiety
  • I have a potty mouth
  • I love the outdoors and camping

  • I am a long-suffering demon’s supporter
  • I will make you do things you don’t want to do – wait that doesn’t sound right
  • I will push you out of your comfort zone – much better
  • I love catching up with family & friends for a nice meal and a few drinks


I only take on a select few clients at a time and only clients that I know I can get results for, it is important that we are on the same page, get along well and most importantly that you are coachable.  This is the reason I offer a 30min free clarity session to photographers to see if it’s going to be a good fit, to schedule a call simply click on the button below

Where my coaching differs from anyone else is as well as working on marketing & sales, I help you to rewire your subconscious programming & limiting beliefs.  It is designed to be done in a particular order to slowly move you through changing habits & routines. What you will find is that by just changing small things and thought patterns new opportunities and ideas will come up and your business will thrive.  Your overall happiness will increase, and stress & anxiety will melt away. This won’t happen without some hard work! You have to put in the effort, you have to train! You can’t just get fit by thinking about it. You have to do the work and I guarantee you will get the results

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Why Work With Me



“I knew something was missing and that was my mindset, I had all my systems and process in place but I wasn’t getting the sales I wanted & I hated them. Now I am averaging about $2500 & I love my sales sessions and I am getting consistent results”


“I had a fab meeting with my accountant and looked at my numbers… that have doubled in year…fark, I’m doing it. Then I had a client and she just brought my first album at $2578 WTF, thank you so much!! That is pretty much double our usual sale done the old way.”


“I’m sending you a quick text to let you know I’ve smashed my target of a $1500 sale average in 6 IPS sessions since Jan and it’s thanks to your mentoring. Also, yesterday I had a sale of $2495 and today $3325”


“OMG I had two sales sessions totalling $5136! It was the first time using the new pricelist with the single prints dropped. Soooo grateful for all I’ve learnt with Johl”

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